On-Arrival Training

26. Oktober 2014 London, October, Places

My 7th week! 21.-24. October On-Arrival Training in Derby    

Interviews & Karaoke

19. Oktober 2014 London, October, Places

My 6th week! Monday, 13th of October Halloweentime at the office – I bought some stuff at a 99p store and pimped up the KAZZUM letters Tuesday, 14th of October work, work, work .. with a nice cup of tea   Wednesday, 15th of October Interview with the former general manager of Kazzum for a history project – super nice and very interesting     Thursday, 16th of October Karaoke agaaaain with these nice guys 😀 Hahaha best perfomance ever,mehr …

Just a normal week in London

12. Oktober 2014 London, October, Places

My 5th week! Monday, 6th of October The sky of a monday morning and a birdfood-stealer 😉 Tuesday, 7th of October Sooooo much shopping at The Westfield 😀 Wednesday, 8th of October Tried a Hip Hop class at the ‘Move your Frame’ dance studio in Shoreditch Thuesday, 9th of October Gym in the morning & dinner in the evening – suuuper exciting haha Friday, 10th of October Went out for a drink to welcome the weekend 😀 Samstag, 11th ofmehr …

Hello October!

5. Oktober 2014 London, October, Places, September

My 4th week! Monday, 29th of September My big boss Daryl got home from his holidays and brought a new pet to the office. To quote Daryl: ‘He’s a boy and from Mykonos! And and he sticks his bum in the air for all to see!‘ Tuesday, 30th of September I got ill on Monday after work, so I spent my Tuesday with many cups of tea. My elephant family kept me company. Wednesday, 1st of October Ooooh, is itmehr …