1. Februar 2015 Bristol, January, London, Places

Bristol My 21st week On Saturday we went to Bristol 🙂 It’s a cute little colorful city with a pretty cool bridge (it took us about three hours to get to that bridge.. mostly because we weren’t able to read a map haha)

Family time agaaaain

25. Januar 2015 January, London, Places

Family time in my 20th week What a busy week! My brother and his girlfriend visited me from Monday to Saturday and we did loaaads! We met some friends who came to London from Paris, went to see a musical, had the best food ever at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, went to the 48th floor of the Heron tower, visited Greenwich…we just did a lot 😉 It was soooo nice to see both of them again and to have them aroundmehr …

Daily life

18. Januar 2015 January, London, Places

Daily life during my 19th week! This week wasn’t exciting at all, since I got sick and spent most of the time in bed. Anyway, here are just some random pictures of what happened 🙂              

Four months!

9. Januar 2015 January, London, Places

My 18th week! Ooooh time flies! Beeing in the office again after two weeks off, I realised that I’ve only got two months left in London! 4 things I’ve learned in my 4th month: 1) London’s firework displays are amaaaazing! Especially because nobody shoots around bangers like crazy (other than in Austria) – that was very relaxing. 2) When you really have to get somewhere (the airport for example), it’s a sure thing that there’s something wrong with the publicmehr …

Happy new year!

4. Januar 2015 December, January, London, Places

My 17th week! Happy new year! 😀