15. September 2015 Germany, Hamburg, Interrail, Places

After Berlin it was time to go further north to our last stop in Germany which was Hamburg. We arrived in the late afternoon and when we made our way to the city the sun was going down, so the warehouse district was dipped in a beautiful orange light. In Hamburg we walked around a lot, saw the famous ‘Reeperbahn’ of course, the harbor and had some delicious fish 🙂 Where we stayed: – A&O Hostels Hamburg – more expensive andmehr …


8. September 2015 Berlin, Germany, Interrail, Places

The second stop of our trip and only a few hours by train from Dresden was Berlin. Berlin is full is history – the remains of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and thousands of DDR souvenirs in every shop. Berlin can’t be described in one word, it changes from quarter to quarter. Some parts are touristy, some are quiet, some are a bit creepy and some are full of young people and goodmehr …


1. September 2015 Dresden, Germany, Interrail, Places

Our first stop on our big Interrail-Adventure was Dresden. Oh, what a lovely city! It was the first stop of our 22-days Interrail trip and we really enjoyed it! The weather was amazing, so we just walked around a lot and enjoyed the beauty of Dresden. Where we stayed: A&O Hostel Dresden – cheap, clean and with a nice sky bar on the top floor 🙂 What to do: – Walk on top of the ‘Frauenkirche‘ Dresden to have anmehr …