1. März 2015 February, London, March, Places

My 25th week and birthday! Wendesday, 25th of February It was my birthday 😀 I got flowers, a cake, some lovely presents and my coworkers took me out for dinner to the Tramshed in Shoreditch. It was a great day! Thursday, 26th of February I went to the ‘Young Voices’ group in Croydon for the last time  🙁   Saturday, 28th of February I went to another workshop with Red Cross in Croydon as part of our Cut & Pastemehr …

Pancakes & Bath :)

22. Februar 2015 February, London, Places

My 24th week! Tuesday, 17th of February Pancakes day 😀 Yummm! Pancakes day is a pretty big thing in the UK since it’s the last day before lent, so everybody tries to shovel in as many pancakes as possible before that. Wednesday, 18th of February I went to Stanmore to watch the rehearsals for Kazzum’s upcoming show ReTold. Thursday, 19th of February We took the kids from Young Voices on a sightseeing trip to London. We had lunch at Picadillymehr …

Going to Hogwarts!

15. Februar 2015 February, London, Places

Going to Hogwarts! My 23rd week! My friend Anna from Germany/Corby came to London and we had an amazing weekend! On Friday we went to a Pub Crawl in Camden and on Saturday we had the best Valentine’s day ever, watching 50 Shades of Grey haha and going to the Warner Brothers Studios, alias HOGWARTS! We were fangirling like crazy!

5 months :)

8. Februar 2015 February, London, Places

My 22nd week Holy Guacamole! It’s been 5 months! I’ll be going home in four weeks! I’ve already booked my flight a few weeks ago – since Christmas the weeks have run by much too fast! I have a lot of amazing stuff planned in February and I’ll make the best out of my last weeks 🙂 5 things I’ve learned in my 5th month: 1) What Crumpets and Kipling cakes are 2) Jamie Olivers ‘Fifteen’ has the best foodmehr …