11. Mai 2016 Places, Plzeň

“Plzeň? Who or what is that?”
Plzeň (Pilsen in German) is the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic, was European Capital of Culture 2015 and is not only known for the Pilsner beer but also for the historic center and lots of cultural activities.


It’s a smooth five hour drive to Plzeň and on our way, we stopped at Kašperské Hory in Šumava (=The Bohemian woods). In this area used to be the glassworks Loetz, one of the most famous art glass manufacturers and a must-see for my glass enthusiastic mum   🙂

The next day we stopped at Klatovy. Klatovy has a very nice city center, another glass museum and an old baroque pharmacy which was absolutely worth seeing.

When we arrived at Plzeň, we found out that there were liberation ceremonies going on for  the whole weekend. Plzeň is the only  major city in the Czech Republic that remembers the liberation by the American Army in May 1945 every year.  On this occasion dressed-up American soldiers camped in the city center, drove their American jeeps through the city and remembered the liberation.

Nevertheless, the celebrations didn’t keep us from exploring Plzeň. We saw the brewery of Plzeňský Prazdroj (Pilsner Urquell),  the historic cellars, the brewery museum and finally the apartments, Adolf Loos had set up in the 30s in Plzeň, which turned out to be a very special highlight!
We saw and learned a lot about the city and every busy but informative day was rewarded with good food and draft beer 🙂



One Reply to “Plzeň”

  1. Eva Maria sagt:

    Sehr schöne Einblicke, die du gibst! In Tschechien war noch nie, werde aber demnächst mit Prag beginnen 🙂
    Pilsen sieht irgendwie sehr geheimnisvoll aus, sowas mag ich!

    Liebe Grüße, Eva

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