15. Dezember 2015 Krakow, Places

In December we went on a 4-day trip to Krakow. It’s a beautiful and interesting city with a lot of history! We enjoyed the christmas market but also a lot of museums, synagogues, churches and Polish food ­čÖé

Where we stayed:
What to do:
– The Rynek Underground museum about the history of Krakow with a lot of interactive stuff
– Dinner at the Ariel with a nice live concert by jewish musicians
– The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine – take a tour through the impressive corridors and chambers full of salt, 135 metres under the ground. If you’re claustrophobic like me it might be quiet challenging (especially the elevator that takes you back up), but it’s definitly worth it!!
– Follow the jewish histroy of Krakow from the Remuh Cemetery to Schindlers factory and much more

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