29. September 2015 Antwerp, Belgium, Interrail, Places

Our first city in Belgium was Antwerp and we figured it would be a very quiet little city. Well, by the time we got there the ‘Antwerp-Pride” was going on, so there were thousands of people, music and party everywhere and we even got to see a live concert of Conchita Wurst! It was hilarious! So we spent our time in Antwerp celebrating (it was also David’s birthday), sightseeing and trying different belgian specialties like beer, waffles and fries.

Where we stayed:
We had an Air Bnb room at a funny, bit odd, but nice and caring host

What to do:
Try a belgian waffle
– Try belgian beer (and never drink the same one twice)
– If you want to have a fancy breakfast (to celebrate somebody’s birthday for example :P), go to Zuiderterras and order the deluxe breakfast.
-Walk through the ‘Sint-Annatunnel’ underneath the Scheldt to get to the other side of the city.

What we’ve learned:
The name of the city comes from the dutch “hand werpen”, named after the tale of a young man named Silvius Brabo, who cut off a giant’s own hand and flung it into the river.
– Antwerp is so varied and many-sided and you can get everywhere by foot.
It was one of my personal highlights, I really really really loved it 😀

Check out all the other places of our interrail trip and follow my blog to stay up-to-date! 🙂


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