22. September 2015 Amsterdam, Interrail, Places

If you really like crowds and queues and if you’re really interested in tourist go to Amsterdam. 😛 When we arrived there from Hamburg, the city was very crowded, people were queing for museums for about 3 hours and the bridges, streets and shops were filled with tourists. But since we were tourists too, we decided to just go with the flow and enjoyed the beauty of Amsterdam. Apart from the tourists, Amsterdam is an adorable city with hundreds of bridges, narrow colored houses and friendly people!



Where we stayed:
At a very nice Air Bnb, a little bit outside of Amsterdam

What to do:
– See the Anne Frank house (Book tickets online before you go there – it saves about three hours of queuing)
– Do a cheese tasting at Reypenaer (Wine is included 😉 )
– Book everything you want to do online!

What we’ve learned:
– A lot about cheese!
– There are a lot of wild rabbits in the parks of Amsterdam
– The narrowest house in Amsterdam is only one metre wide

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