15. September 2015 Germany, Hamburg, Interrail, Places

After Berlin it was time to go further north to our last stop in Germany which was Hamburg. We arrived in the late afternoon and when we made our way to the city the sun was going down, so the warehouse district was dipped in a beautiful orange light.
In Hamburg we walked around a lot, saw the famous ‘Reeperbahn’ of course, the harbor and had some delicious fish 🙂

Where we stayed:
A&O Hostels Hamburg – more expensive and more dirty than in Dresden, but it was alright 😉

What to do:
-Go to the top of the Michel for an amazing view over Hamburg
– Have a fish bread at the harbor
– Try a typical German fish plate here. It’s in ‘Deichstraße’ where a lot of lovely restaurants are 🙂

What we’ve learned:
– Dorms can be noisy, hot and dirty but you meet a lot of interesting people
– Fish plates in Germany are cold and with mayonnaise of course


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