8. September 2015 Berlin, Germany, Interrail, Places

The second stop of our trip and only a few hours by train from Dresden was Berlin.
Berlin is full is history – the remains of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and thousands of DDR souvenirs in every shop.
Berlin can’t be described in one word, it changes from quarter to quarter. Some parts are touristy, some are quiet, some are a bit creepy and some are full of young people and good food – and we enjoyed exploring every little bit 🙂

Where we stayed:
In an AirBnB in Charlottenburg. It was lovely! 🙂

What to do:
Free Tour to the ‘Reichstag’ to get an overview of the city. Just register online and you’ll get in for free (plus free audio guide)
– The Jewish Museum. The architecture of the whole building is so cool and they have a huge interactive exhibition
– Take a break at Wannsee. It’s a public bath and veeery nice 🙂
– Go to the East of Berlin if you want to experience the ‘Hipster’ life everybody’s talking about. Special tip for a nice market – Markthalle Neun
-If you want typical German food and good beer, check out the Brauhaus Lemke. We would recommend an “Eisbein Berliner Art”, but be careful it’s huge! 😛 If you need to digest, take a walk through the gardens of Schloss Charlottenburg and visit the swans at the lake.

What we’ve learned:
That Austrian ‘Stelze’ is better than the German ‘Eisbein’, where the funny men in the traffic lights come from and what the weird pink pipes do that are placed in the center.


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