1. September 2015 Dresden, Germany, Interrail, Places

Our first stop on our big Interrail-Adventure was Dresden.

Oh, what a lovely city! It was the first stop of our 22-days Interrail trip and we really enjoyed it! The weather was amazing, so we just walked around a lot and enjoyed the beauty of Dresden.

Where we stayed: A&O Hostel Dresden – cheap, clean and with a nice sky bar on the top floor 🙂

What to do:
– Walk on top of the ‘Frauenkirche‘ Dresden to have an overview of the city – it’s definitly worth the 4€!
– Visit the three museums of the ‘Zwinger
– Have a picnic in the great garden, in front of the Parlais

What we’ve learned:
August the strong built pretty much everything that’s big and pretty in Dresden, collected a lot of stuff and erected a lot of monuments of himself…

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