Farewell, London :'(

8. März 2015 London, March, Places

London, you mad, eccentric, cold, and outrageously expensive, fun and ridiculous place.
You will always have a part of my heart.

My last week in London!
Well, my last week in London was pretty sad, since I cancelled my gym membership, closed my bank account and said goodbye to a lot of people. Further I tried to pack all my stuff which turned out a bit harder than I thought..my suitcase must have shrunk!
My last day of work on Wednesday was really weird – it was hard to imagine that I would never ever take my bus to the Kazzum office again. I’ll really miss Emily, Lauren and Daryl, it’s been so nice to work with them!
On Thursday I had a little leaving dinner at Jubo, a Korean restaurant in Shoreditch. It was really nice and I’m going to miss my ‘London friends’ (that’s what our supersecret Facebook group is called) from all around the world!
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What I’ve learned during my 6 months in London:
– It doesn’t rain all the time! London is actually a pretty dry city. During November we had much more sun than Austria and I survived without an umbrella till December 😉
– What Megabus is. Probably the best thing ever if you want to travel without spending a ridiculously amount of money on the English trains.
– To be paitent. Travelling around London takes time, especially by bus. I got a lot of reading done while I was waiting for that freakin’ bus to keep moving.
– Porridge! It took me about 6 months to finally know the british way to make it (with water and salt – no milk!) and it’s just the best breakfast ever!
– How nice it is to have your Sainsbury’s open 24h, 7 days a week. I always did my weekly shop on Sunday. Guess I’m gonna have to change that back home..
– Gill’s homemade Flapjacks are the best in the world! I! LOVE! THEM!
– How delicious Cider is and that they should sell it in Austrian bars!
– I still have no idea how to convert kilos to stones. Or grams to pounds. Or metres to miles.
– But I do know how much a pint is!

180 days have passed and it’s time for me to catch my flight back home..
I really don’t want to get super cheesy here and tell everybody what an amazing experience these six months have been.. plus it’s really hard to put it into words..

Thanks to all the crazy people in the video who made my time in London the amazing experience it had been!
I’m really gonna miss my life, work and friends in London and it definitely won’t be my last time living abroad! You learn so much about yourself, other people, other lifestyles.. you grow into challenges, you’re lonely and homesick, you meet so many people who tell you the most interesting stories, you’re attitude changes so much and time just flies by!
For now I’m really happy to be home, but I’m sure that I’ll get gripped by wanderlust again very soon 🙂


Bye for now 😀

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