Pancakes & Bath :)

22. Februar 2015 February, London, Places

My 24th week!

Tuesday, 17th of February
Pancakes day 😀 Yummm!
Pancakes day is a pretty big thing in the UK since it’s the last day before lent, so everybody tries to shovel in as many pancakes as possible before that.

Wednesday, 18th of February
I went to Stanmore to watch the rehearsals for Kazzum’s upcoming show ReTold.

Thursday, 19th of February
We took the kids from Young Voices on a sightseeing trip to London. We had lunch at Picadilly Circus, went on a boat tour to Greenwich and visited Cutty Sark. Although it rained quiet a lot, they all had a great time!

Both Wednesday and Thursday made me love my work at Kazzum even more and made it a bit harder to go home so soon 🙁

Saturday, 21st of February
My favourite city-exploring-buddy Inga and I went to Bath. I totally fell in love with this city, it’s sooo lovely 🙂


Sunday, 22nd of February
We did one of my last things on my To-Do list – the London Eye!


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