5 months :)

8. Februar 2015 February, London, Places

My 22nd week

Holy Guacamole! It’s been 5 months! I’ll be going home in four weeks! I’ve already booked my flight a few weeks ago – since Christmas the weeks have run by much too fast!
I have a lot of amazing stuff planned in February and I’ll make the best out of my last weeks 🙂

5 things I’ve learned in my 5th month:
5 months
1) What Crumpets and Kipling cakes are
2) Jamie Olivers ‘Fifteen’ has the best food ever, however Jamie Olivers ‘Italian’ doesn’t.
3) A lot about the issues of refugees and Asylum seekers in the UK
5) There’s an underwater Greenwich Foot Tunnel, linking Greenwich with the Isle of Dogs.

Tuesday, 3rd of February
We went to a thing called ‘Asylum and Exile’ – The Hidden Voices of London. It was a very interesting discussion about asylum and exile in the UK.


Wednesday, 4th of February
Wednesday was James’ last day at Kazzum and we got him a bag of random staff as a leaving present. I think he loved it 😉  


Thursday, 5th of February
I went to a college in Croydon (kind of in the middle of nowhere) with one of Kazzum’s workshop leaders to deliver two ‘Young Voices’ workshops. It’s a weekly training for young people from migrant communities, who are interested in developing skills that will help them find employment opportunities or complete their university applications. I just loved it, it’s always great to work with a group of talented and motivated young people.


Friday – Sunday
A friend from Austria came to visit me. Yaaaai 🙂 It’s always great to have people from home visiting me and we had a great time 🙂

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