Four months!

9. Januar 2015 January, London, Places

My 18th week!
Ooooh time flies!
Beeing in the office again after two weeks off, I realised that I’ve only got two months left in London!

10922498_840543989320170_1946318721271426173_n4 things I’ve learned in my 4th month:
1) London’s firework displays are amaaaazing! Especially because nobody shoots around bangers like crazy (other than in Austria) – that was very relaxing.
2) When you really have to get somewhere (the airport for example), it’s a sure thing that there’s something wrong with the public transport! Just gotta love the London buses!
3) Christmas in London starts in October, but don’t you dare leaving up the christmas decoration after the 5th of January!
4) The word ‘cockblocker’. Sorry for that haha
(A cockblock is a slang term for an intentional, or sometimes unintentional action that serves to prevent someone from having sexual intercourse with a partner.)
Nicola, if you’re reading this: thank you very much for adding that to my vocabulary.

Thursday, 8th of January
Karaokeee 🙂

2015-01-08 22.15.46

2015-01-08 22.03.34

Saturday, 10th of January
Went to a very interesting video installation about the journey through the human body. It was surprisingly relaxing and we could have stayed there for ages ;D

At night we went to ‘The Verve’ 🙂
Nijah Verve SFC Fri 10 01 15 72 of 107
Sunday, 11th of January
We had a ‘New year & Secret Santa’ Indoor picnic 🙂

2015-01-11 16.21.23

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