Merry Christmas :D

21. Dezember 2014 December, London, Places

My 15th week!

Monday, 15th of December
We finally got a christmas tree in Median Road! 🙂


Oh and people in the UK find it very hard to believe that we don’t have Santa Claus in Austria. They find it even funnier that baby Jesus brings all the presents. (“But.. isn’t it sad to be the only country that doesn’t have Santa Claus? I mean .. all the christmas movies are about him!”)


Tuesday, 16th of December
We had a nice christmas party at scouts. Santa came to visit and got attacked by those little monsters 😉



Thursday, 18th of December
Christmas lunch at work 😀


Saturday, 20th of December
On Saturday I went to the crowded but christmassy city one last time before I went back to my calm and small hometown for christmas 🙂

IMG_3419 IMG_3453 IMG_3431


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