Interviews & Karaoke

19. Oktober 2014 London, October, Places

My 6th week!

Monday, 13th of October
Halloweentime at the office – I bought some stuff at a 99p store and pimped up the KAZZUM letters
2014-10-17 13.17.08

Tuesday, 14th of October
work, work, work .. with a nice cup of tea


Wednesday, 15th of October
Interview with the former general manager of Kazzum for a history project – super nice and very interesting



Thursday, 16th of October
Karaoke agaaaain with these nice guys 😀

Hahaha best perfomance ever, can’t stop laughing about it!

Friday, 17th of October
Bethnal Green

Saturday, 18th of October
Street photography workshop at the Whitechapel Gallery – loved it!

Sunday, 19th of October
Found an Austrian café today 🙂




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