Hello October!

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My 4th week!

Monday, 29th of September
My big boss Daryl got home from his holidays and brought a new pet to the office. To quote Daryl: ‘He’s a boy and from Mykonos! And and he sticks his bum in the air for all to see!


Tuesday, 30th of September
I got ill on Monday after work, so I spent my Tuesday with many cups of tea. My elephant family kept me company.


Wednesday, 1st of October
Ooooh, is it October already?! Alright here are ..
5 things I’ve learned in my first month in London:
1) There are a lot of foxes in London, making weird noises and sitting on the streets at night.
2) ‘See you later’ doesn’t mean, that you’ll actually see each other later (or ever again).
3) No matter what time it is and where you are – there’s always a supermarket, that’s open and a bus that gets you home.
The stereotype about british people drinking tea all the time is absolutely true!
5) It takes less than 30 days to totally fall in love with this city – I had a great first month!

Thursday, 2nd of October
Karaoke – again! This time we totally rocked Yellow Submarine ;D


Friday, 3rd of October
Rainy London..

friday friday2

Saturday, 4th of October
Hyde Park & National History Museum


Sunday, 5th of October
Enjoying a sunny day (probably one of the last one) at Camden Market and Primrose Hill

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